How it Works

What is Vulavu?

Vulavu is a private photo-sharing system that allows you to securely share images with friends. You decide on what to share, who can view it and how long they can access it.

How does Vulavu keep my messages and photos private?

All messages and photos remain on Vulavu's secure encrypted site. That means messages and photos sent from Vulavu are never downloaded to the recipient's computer or device. In addition, all photos are watermarked for your protection and you can place a time limit on access. You can REVOKE pictures that you have sent immediately at any time.

What else can I do with Vulavu?

Vulavu is also a great way to organize your photos. With Vulavu you are able arrange and sort your photos into different Galleries. Plus, you can share those Galleries with others.
You have access to a custom Profile that you can share with your gallery visitors and a place to maintain your personal contacts.